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Word Bohemia September Challenge – Days 12, 13, 14

Falling very far behind, for various reasons.  So here are three days in one, just  a haiku and a couple of cinquains.

Day 12


© Sharon Woodcock
© Sharon Woodcock



Doomed, decayed it stands
cross-barred, dressed in stone, forgotten,
green-shadowed, mystic.




Day 13 (particularly for those living in or near Edinburgh)
© David Vale
© David Vale


Turn on the lights,
ring the bell, close the doors,
crank up the gears and turn the wheel,
a tram!


Day 14
© David Vale
© David Vale


Greek Hesperos
brilliant star of nightfall
enchant all the star-crossed lovers



Word Bohemia September Writing Challenge – Day 6

Not much time today so a cinquain not strictly linked to the photograph, but more a memory of impressions.


The Land of Oz

© David Vale

Breathe in
heed the Kookaburra
crush the leaves of the eucalypt
breathe out

Weekly Photo Challenge – UP

On a warm summer’s day there’s nothing I like better than to watch cotton wool billows of cumulus drift across the blue. so it was very tempting to put up a selection of clouds.  However, here instead are things we look up to, buildings, trees and anything reaching for the sky.  It’s surprising what you can see if you look up.  There are also some images of things that reach for the sky, like the fountain and the kite.  I was not responsible for the skiers, just scanned it from an old postcard.