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Word Bohemia September Writing Challenge – Day 6

Not much time today so a cinquain not strictly linked to the photograph, but more a memory of impressions.


The Land of Oz

© David Vale

Breathe in
heed the Kookaburra
crush the leaves of the eucalypt
breathe out


World Bohemia September Writing Challenge – Day 5

© David Vale

The Lost Arcade

‘Finally, Ladies and Gentlemen,’ said High Lord Sugna, ‘may I present – The Lost Arcade.’

He was gratified to see the stunned expressions on the faces of the Representatives as they turned the corner.  The light, streaming through the open arches at the side, cast gleaming shadows on the pattern of the tiles.  The cantilevered arches of the ceiling stretched into the distance creating a symbiosis of precision with the central lanterns.  He hoped they would not notice the collection of debris at the edges.  He must have a word with the Custodian about using more sophisticated robots.

‘Of course,’ he went on, ‘you do realise that, as this was the last building to be unearthed, it is still a work in progress.  The tiles, we believe, are original to the building but no undamaged lanterns were recovered, so we had to work from fragments and our archives, to reproduce what you now see.’

‘And the hieroglyphics?’ asked Lady Hannasus.  ‘May I take a closer look?’

High Lord Sugna indicated to the hovobots that they should assist Lady Hannasus, silently cursing her fashionable, moulded spike-heeled boots which had been impossible to remove at short notice.

‘As you can see,’ said High Lord Sugna, as Lady Hannasus hovered precariously, ‘the inscriptions appear on every pillar. We have, as yet, been unable to decipher them or ascertain their significance.  But they are very crude and it thus appears likely they were not of the same era as the original builders.’

‘Perhaps,’ said Lady Hannasus, ‘they were made by a more primitive tribe, who came to prominence after the demise of the city builders?’

‘Indeed,’ said High Lord Sugna. ‘I can assure you we are doing our very best to progress with the translation.  Now if you will follow me ………’

World Bohemia Writing Challenge – Day 3

She slipped into the cool shadow of the doorway as he stopped again.  How did he know so many people?  She was near enough to see he was smiling and waving his arms about in typical Italian fashion.  She could almost read his lips saying ‘Ciao’.  As he strolled on she followed, making sure there was always someone in front.  Not difficult in this narrow street with its colourful Festival banners hanging from every balcony, crowded with people and lined with cars.  She could always slip behind a Fiat or a Lancia if he turned round.

© David Vale

He’d stopped again, to greet two women, embracing them both, but spending longer, she was sure, with the younger one.  Close enough now to see his lips moving against the smooth, tanned cheek but not what he was murmuring.  Was this her?  Another embrace and a kiss on both cheeks, his hand lingering around the waist of the senorita.

He wandered on.  Now she was within striking distance.  She could do it, slip the point of the little stiletto through his ribs, just there.  She thrust her fingernail into the exact spot.

He twisted round quickly, his face lighting up with his brilliant smile when he saw who it was.

‘Where have you been?   We’re going to be late.’

Tucking his arm through hers he marched off towards the green of the sunlit vines on the hillside at the end of the narrow vennel.

Next time, she promised herself, next time.