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Summertime begins ….

The clocks go forward tomorrow.  Daffodils, pussy-willow, forsythia and mahonia are brightening up the garden.  Pansies are budding and the magnolia buds are about to burst.  It must be spring.  Plenty of frogspawn this year too.

We have had bright days but cold east winds, not uncommon for this time of year.  I only have two  more assignments to complete before the big EMA and another year’s study will be complete.

My February assignment was fascinating – the Benin Bronzes.

A completely new subject for me but so worthwhile being able to go and see the bronzes in the British Museum.

The next assignment is due at the beginning of April.  I have a choice, Cultural Exemptions or the Short Story.   I had intended to select the short story option but a sudden change of mind and I am going for the philosophy one which will be a challenge but isn’t that what study should be – challenging!

Then only one more assignment – a reflective essay – before the big EMA.  There are three options but I’m still undecided which one to choose.  Will it be sacred places, the seaside resort or rational recreation?


Weekly Photo Challenge – UP

On a warm summer’s day there’s nothing I like better than to watch cotton wool billows of cumulus drift across the blue. so it was very tempting to put up a selection of clouds.  However, here instead are things we look up to, buildings, trees and anything reaching for the sky.  It’s surprising what you can see if you look up.  There are also some images of things that reach for the sky, like the fountain and the kite.  I was not responsible for the skiers, just scanned it from an old postcard.

A Poem for Valentine’s Day

To A Silver Birch

Why does your tall trunk tempt me so
with its silky shift of silver?

I long to peel your fragile bark,
touch your feathery foliage.

Instead your latticed lacy boughs
lie silent, patiently waiting,

waiting for the wind to whisper
its songs of a southerly air.

With your bare, crinkled carapace
your stark winter beauty dazzles.

I brush apart your spring green branches
to search for bluebells in the grass.

Cloaked by your summer canopy,
I can gaze through a lime-green veil.

But I prefer your golden dress
in which you welcome shorter days.