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10 February – Spring approaches

A lovely day today – clear blue sky and the sun felt warm.  Snowdrops and small green shoots are beginning to appear.  The photo is of last year’s snowdrops.  This year’s still have a way to go.  But  last February we visited Cambo House in Fife where they have a brilliant display of snowdrops and I bought a couple of new varieties so very anxious to know if they have survived.

Cambo House snowdrops
Cambo House snowdrops

I have finally solved the problem of the small font!   I thought it might have been the Typekit Font and removed it but no change.  Then I started looking at changing the CSS which I don’t really understand but no matter what I did, the font remained stubbornly small.  Then when I was checking my emails they suddenly became enormous and I realised I had leant on the dynamic search and zoom button (which I don’t really use) on my keyboard.  Yes, that’s what made the font small.