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Weekly Photo Challenge – Carefree Butterflies and Bees

I have been taking photographs, trying to catch butterflies and bees but without great success.  These are just a few of the better ones.  It was good to see so many white butterflies but whether they were large or small cabbage whites or even striped ones it is hard to say.  Tortoiseshell, Peacock and Red Admiral a little easier to recognize and there is even a small brown one.  However, identification of bumble bees remains beyond me, as do many things at the moment.  It has not been the best of months confidence wise but hey, it can only get better.  The weather though continues to be the best summer we have had for a long time, so that is something to be thankful for.

I have submitted this for the weekly photo challenge of Carefree because just looking at the butterflies and bees floating around the garden enjoying the lavender and buddleia made me feel a whole lot better.


Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

This was a difficult photograph to take because it was very windy and all the flowers kept swaying about and it was very hard to get the focus right.   I wanted to take these alliums because I love their colour and shape and here I liked the way the sunlight filtered through other plants.


Inveresk Gardens, Scotland
Inveresk Gardens, Scotland

Weekly Photo Challenge – Culture

When you need to revitalise your town’s economy one way to do it is with outdoor murals.   Not graffiti but in the case of Chemainus, a town on the island of Vancouver in Canada, a wonderful series of wall murals displaying their cultural diversity.  We stopped on our way through to take some photographs.  It was a dull day, just about to rain and we didn’t have much time so snapshots rather than fantastic images.   Enjoy and go and visit if you are in Canada.