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March 2017

So I was going to try for at least one post a month …….

A windy day today, 14th March, but mild and bright.  Frogs are very busy in the ponds today so I thought I’d post a little poem, one of the very first I attempted (I’m a late starter where poetry’s concerned).  It had been a very hard winter and the pond had been frozen for many days.  We counted over 20 dead frogs – but some survived and lived to breed again.


The dormant pond lies white and thick with frost
so frogs below must dwell in mud and wait.
The ice-trapped air has spread its poison breath
and ghostly glass-blurred corpses float beneath

I place the bodies in their earthy grave.
The pond, as black as mountain lochans, lies
unchanged until the robin builds his nest
when jewelled spawn and hope returns once more.


Frozen pond 6 January 2011




Happy New Year 2016

So, I managed no posts this or rather last year at all.  In my defence my OU course last year on Exploring the Classical World and this year’s module Myth in the Greek and Roman Worlds are keeping me rather busy.  I hope, perhaps, to do better this year.  Maybe I could aim for at least one post a month.  I could surely manage that!

In the meantime, keep writing  …..


Happy New Year for 2016

Happy New Year for 2016