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Word Bohemia September Writing Challenge – Day 2

© Cassie Tillet
© Cassie Tillet

Grand evenin’.’


‘Good day?’

‘No’ bad.’

‘Seen the ‘Bonnie Jean’ yet?’


‘She’s awa’ to Anster.’

‘Oh aye?’

‘Be rain in the morn.’


‘Seen Bobby lately?’


‘He’s a strange bugger.’


‘Well, I’m awa’ hame.  See youse in “The Jersey”?’

‘Aye, mebbe.’

‘Whose is the mutt?’

‘Dinna ken.’

‘Scabby lookin’ beast.’



Dog:  Bastards!


Is it an omen?

Not that I’m getting stressed or anything, maybe only in my subconscious.  That must account for the dream I had last night.  A 2000 word assignment due next Thursday plus a 2500 final EMA due by 31st May.  Plus two 500 commentaries.  No pressure then.

The dream – I was fleeing from a building which was sitting at the end of a small harbour.  No idea what the building was but we had minutes to leave it before it blew up.  Whether this was intentional or not, I have no idea.  We had run along the harbour wall back into another building for some reason and were waiting for stragglers but time was running out.  We were being urged to leave, but we knew there were still people inside. The time came when we had to leave. It involved climbing over a gate.  My limbs were so heavy I could not get myself over this gate no matter how hard I tried. It was agony and all the time people were shouting: ‘Come on, come on, there’s no time left.’

Then I woke!  Is there a lesson to be learned here?