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>Tuesday 1 February

>Today has been a day of sunshine and showers.  I’m too tired to write much tonight, having left the house in time for the 7.45 bus and not returned until 9.30 pm.   I used to leave the house at 7.20 am every morning when I was working not getting back until 7.00 pm usually.   How did I ever cope with it?

Today I had a hospital appointment first thing, so an hour and a half bus ride first.  Finished at the hospital by 10.30 am and then met other half in the NGS (National Galleries of Scotland for the uninitiated) for a coffee first. Before leaving, we had a quick trot up to see the three early Vermeer’s on view.  The exhibition  (very small one) is called The Young Vermeer. The three portraits are: Diana and her Nymphs (on loan) Christ in the House of Martha and Mary and The Procuress, all painted between c. 1653 and 1656.   I love the detail in Vermeer and the smoothness.  These were different, cruder perhaps but still the same quality of colour and shade.  I am no painting expert though.

Next we walked and bussed to the S.N Gallery of Modern Art, proposing to have lunch there but it was closed for renovation so had to go across the road to the Dean Gallery for lunch.  It took a long time to come but fortunately we had plenty, of time, that is.  It was good when it did come, though.  We had a quick look through the Gallery.  My favourite is probably the recreated studio of Eduardo Paolozzi, http://www.nationalgalleries.org/education/activity/6:253.    I also bought a notebook (!) reduced to half price.

Back across the road to the SNGMA – there are ongoing displays there so a return visit is a must.  I particularly liked a painting of Traquhair House by James Mackintosh Patrick http://www.nationalgalleries.org/media_collection/ and was impressed with the prints by Edvard Much, full of Norse melancholy, some very beautiful, one or two depressing.

Back to George Street, in the rain by now and a visit to Tiso’s (shopping for hubby, I only bought a pair of laces for my boots).  We were due at a concert in St Cuthbert’s at 6 pm which just gave us time for a glass of wine in Whigham’s.  The concert, named Drum Roll, the first live concert we’ve been to for about two years was Mozart, Mozart and Haydn.  Lovely – not quite as good as the concert we heard in Vienna – and the pews were quite hard, but so glad we made the effort to go.  Sad though, that the majority of the audience were in their silver years!  Why do so few young people go to concerts these days?  Perhaps they are just not exposed to classical music because I’m sure if they were, they would want to go.  It is possible to like all types of music or at least a wide variety.

We then had about 45 minutes to fill in before our bus, but hurrah for Waterstone’s which doesn’t close until 8 pm.  Of course I had to buy a book – not a fiction book believe it or not, but a book by Alistair Moffat, Before Scotland. I have a lot of time for Alistair Moffat, he writes some very accessible history books.