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Colour – Weekly Photo Challenge

Not sure what is going to happen here – there are so many angles to colour – should it be just one colour or many colours?    Decided on colours of the rainbow but a bit short of indigo.


Much Ado About Nothing ….

Armeria maritima, sea thrift

It seems a while since I have posted but this digital photography course is taking up much more of my time than anticipated.   Not only is there a fair bit to read, but it has to be read many times over to try and understand the technicalities.   This week has been about motion blur and all to do with iso levels, exposure levels, shutter and aperture controls.  This is all very confusing for someone whose an automatic shoot girl (well, elderly person really).

Letter E or could be Letter C?

Then there are the photographs to either take, or sort through, edit, upload, edit etc. etc.   Finally, my group’s photos to look at and comment on and as many other photos from the rest of the community as I can manage.   There is a glimmer at the end of the tunnel though and by the end of this course, although I don’t expect to turn into a professional photographer (this was not my ambition), I should at least be able to make use of all the options offered by my simple camera.   One of the assignments was to find and take photographs of objects in the shape of letters.   I was struggling rather but my Ikea candle holder came to the rescue.

My poor garden is being neglected although that is not strictly true as D. has been busy with the vegetable plot and greenhouse.  I still  have areas of the herb garden to clear though.

Pulsatilla vulgaris, seedhead, Pasque Flower

Fronds of horsetail and other such invaders are already beginning to emerge and need to be dealt with fiercely but I fear will never be eradicated.   I also have two scented geraniums to plant to replace the ones that did not survive the winter.   I did take cuttings but since we don’t heat the greenhouse they did not survive either.


Next week we are off to London to visit daughter E.   We are all going to the Chelsea Flower Show, a first for me and much looking forward to it.   We have also booked to go and see ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ (title inspiration) at The Globe Theatre which I have long wanted to visit.  Will have much to write about next week and no doubt more photographs to upload, edit, tag …….

Here is the candlestick upside down!