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Weekly Photo Challenge – Culture

When you need to revitalise your town’s economy one way to do it is with outdoor murals.   Not graffiti but in the case of Chemainus, a town on the island of Vancouver in Canada, a wonderful series of wall murals displaying their cultural diversity.  We stopped on our way through to take some photographs.  It was a dull day, just about to rain and we didn’t have much time so snapshots rather than fantastic images.   Enjoy and go and visit if you are in Canada.


Weekly Photo Challenge – UP

On a warm summer’s day there’s nothing I like better than to watch cotton wool billows of cumulus drift across the blue. so it was very tempting to put up a selection of clouds.  However, here instead are things we look up to, buildings, trees and anything reaching for the sky.  It’s surprising what you can see if you look up.  There are also some images of things that reach for the sky, like the fountain and the kite.  I was not responsible for the skiers, just scanned it from an old postcard.

Canada – Vancouver

Our trip had been planned for months, a visit to combine sightseeing and family reunion.

We landed in Vancouver, flying from Glasgow with Thomas Cook.  The least said about that the better, except to mention that sardines travel in luxury. Still slightly frazzled after passing through Vancouver airport controls, for some reason having to wait nearly two hours in a long snaking queue, we rashly decided to take a taxi to the hotel.  The taxi driver from the Punjab via Leicester but had lived in Canada for 18 years.

Vancouver, downtown, filled with skyscrapers but carefully designed to look different with multi-coloured and different glass so some wonderful reflections.

Unpacked and refreshed, despite being awake for about 29 hours, we ventured into the hot sunshine and took the Skytrain (very efficient) to look for the Greyhound Main Station.  After disagreements with D. about which way to go and as usual having to walk twice as far as required, we successfully collected our tickets for our journey to Kamloops.  Then, not feeling very energetic we decided to take The Red Bus for a tour round Vancouver.

Steam Clock, Gastown, Vancouver

We alighted in Gastown to view the Steam Clock together with a busload of Japanese ladies.  A fascinating clock with actual steam puffing out of the top.    We wandered up and down, admiring the old buildings, the ornate lamp-posts and the many shop windows displaying everything a tourist could want. We waited for the next bus which we had been assured was an open bus as indeed it was.  This took us across the river where we came upon a motor-cyclist who had skidded on a trail of wet concrete and was lying bloodied amongst his overturned bike.  Our driver, quick as a flash had parked his bus and rushed across and within minutes police cars, a fire engine, paramedic and ambulance had arrived.   We later discovered he had been a policeman in his earlier life. Thankfully the motor cyclist was not badly hurt, just cuts and abrasions.

Our next port of call was Stanley Island, a beautiful spot with lovely views of Vancouver and a grove of totem poles standing tall against the bright blue sky.  It was cooler now but still bright and sunny and we stopped from time to time to alight and admire the sparkling sea and mountains,  blue and misty in the background.


Vancouver Harbour

By the time we returned to the hotel, jet lag had set in well and truly, we ate at the hotel and headed for an early night.   To be continued …..