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Colour – Weekly Photo Challenge

Not sure what is going to happen here Рthere are so many angles to colour Рshould it be just one colour or many colours?    Decided on colours of the rainbow but a bit short of indigo.


A Poem for Valentine’s Day

To A Silver Birch

Why does your tall trunk tempt me so
with its silky shift of silver?

I long to peel your fragile bark,
touch your feathery foliage.

Instead your latticed lacy boughs
lie silent, patiently waiting,

waiting for the wind to whisper
its songs of a southerly air.

With your bare, crinkled carapace
your stark winter beauty dazzles.

I brush apart your spring green branches
to search for bluebells in the grass.

Cloaked by your summer canopy,
I can gaze through a lime-green veil.

But I prefer your golden dress
in which you welcome shorter days.