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A Poem for Valentine’s Day

To A Silver Birch

Why does your tall trunk tempt me so
with its silky shift of silver?

I long to peel your fragile bark,
touch your feathery foliage.

Instead your latticed lacy boughs
lie silent, patiently waiting,

waiting for the wind to whisper
its songs of a southerly air.

With your bare, crinkled carapace
your stark winter beauty dazzles.

I brush apart your spring green branches
to search for bluebells in the grass.

Cloaked by your summer canopy,
I can gaze through a lime-green veil.

But I prefer your golden dress
in which you welcome shorter days.



Foliage …

As I am starting another OU course on 1st May – Digital Photography – creating and sharing better images, I thought I had better search out my camera User guide and acquaint myself with its capabilities.  I have had the camera for at least a couple of years but am ashamed to admit I mainly use it on auto.    I discovered a whole new menu I didn’t know existed.  I can take pictures of foliage, snow (wish I had realised that this winter),  beach, fireworks (!), aquarium (note to self, plan a visit to Deep Sea World) and underwater.  The latter requires the purchase of a special waterproof case though.  As the sun was shining I hurried out into the garden to see what foliage I could find:

Weeping Birch

The young birch leaves are almost translucent and the whole tree seems to shimmer in the sunlight.

My O.H. is very partial to acers and has been trying to grow them for some time.  It seems we have finally found a spot where this particular plant flourishes.  It’s looking really good this year.  They just don’t like wind and being near the coast, wind can be overpowering but this is a sheltered spot behind some bigger shrubs and next to a fence but facing west so it gets a good deal of filtered sunshine.


Finally, the rhubarb has started to flower – yes, I know it’s not supposed to and we will cut it off soon but it’s such a splendid plant –  always looks quite tropical to me.

Rhubarb - about to flower

A Dreich Day

It was raining last night and it was still raining this morning.   I think the photos tell it all.  The field surrounding our house has been flooded on and off for most of the winter, although during December it was ice.   It is so wet at the moment that a couple of swans have taken up residence.

When I looked out of the bedroom window this morning, the weeping silver birch lived up to its name.  It was covered with drops of rain, attached to its capilliary-like branches.  It has been deformed by the wind and in the summertime, when it is cloaked with leaves, I think it looks like some kind of prehistoric monster, a foliosaurus rex perhaps?

I am really just procrastinating today instead of getting on with my essay questions.  I have not yet immersed myself in the essay writing course but the first tutorial is coming up on Saturday so I must make a big effort to finish block 1.  There is much more reading at this stage and because of a change in the edition of the book, there is an addendum to explain that when the pdf says read pages 79-81 it really means you should read pages 115-117.   I have pencilled in all the changes but it was confusing initially.

I have completed my first draft for the PostA174 Forum but not quite ready to post it yet.  It was quite tricky, fitting in all the sentences and I have gone for the more light-hearted approach, I think.  I rather hope I can write something a little deeper.  Most of my writing, I think, has tended to be a bit women’s magazine like – I hope I am not writing chick-lit, which I had never heard of until I joined the A174 course.  Similarly, I had never heard of fan fiction.  I suppose that’s showing my age.