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And Now It Starts …..

The next stage – the start of the OU Creative Writing Course, on 1 October to be exact.   Having just spent the last three weeks in British Columbia, Canada, I came back to an overgrown garden, there are pounds of beans and tomatoes to process as well as courgettes.  The grass is a mile high and the apples lying all over the ground.   The Student Cafe for A215 is open and going like a fair, 16 pages of comments already.   I can see I am going to have to be very organised and strict with myself.

However, with the nights already drawing in, it is pleasurable to have a project for the winter months … and beyond.

Apart from all the garden produce to be dealt with, there are instructions and advice to print off for my course and books to read.   I also want to write something about Canada and post a few photos.   I have old family photographs to scan in and send to relatives in Canada, Open Days and Workshops to attend and prompts to write.  Where to start?

I also came back to find that my yellow photograph, entered in the Truprint Colour competition won a prize.  I haven’t won anything since I was at school so receiving £100 worth of credits was a great surprise.  I might get some of my photos printed.  I thought it would be nice to have some calendars made too.

The winning photo

I was pleased with my final mark for the Digital Photography course (88%) particularly as I only had a small compact camera.  It did take good photos, though it has since let me down and has lens problems; so I can’t use it at the moment.

Next blog will be about Canada ……


Organic or Not Organic

This morning, whilst eating my Weetabix, there was a discussion on the radio about the latest report by ‘Which’.   They claim that organic fruit and vegetables are no better for you than those grown in a non-organic way and taste no better, according to their latest research.  Now I have not read the report yet but will do so as I am a member of Which Online and have been for a number of years.

I am a bit disappointed though because I think this will not encourage farmers in general to stop using chemicals to grow their fruit and veg.  I hope in the report Which make it clear that their report does not include environmental concerns.  These would be my main reason for buying organic – to prevent all those chemicals leaching from the fields into the river systems;  from there to be absorbed by fish, fowl and us.

I try to buy organic but have to admit, due to cost, don’t always do so.  But since we have retired, we have grown quite a lot of our own vegetables.   The taste depends so much on the freshness and the variety of the particular fruit or vegetable.   I feel that fruit and veg sold as organic sometimes suffers from being more expensive and therefore not sold as quickly and is therefore perhaps not as fresh.

Perhaps I should leave commenting further until I have read the report.