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The National Glass Centre, Sunderland

Last month we visited the National Glass Centre in Sunderland.  I had never heard of it before but it is certainly well worth visiting.   Apart from all its other activities (check out their website):


there is a fascinating section on the history of glass and glass-making in the area with interesting examples which will take you back to your childhood or even your mother’s and your grandmother’s childhood.
There was a beautiful display of glass art by a local artist and an exhibition of stunning glass pieces on loan from USA.
A display of glass blowing showing all the skill and patience required to produce even the simplest piece of glass, let alone one with different colours, swirls and shapes, completed our visit.  Well, perhaps not quite, there were also the very tempting wares on display in the shop and an exploration of the glass roof, scary for me, but not for everyone.

Happy New Year 2016

So, I managed no posts this or rather last year at all.  In my defence my OU course last year on Exploring the Classical World and this year’s module Myth in the Greek and Roman Worlds are keeping me rather busy.  I hope, perhaps, to do better this year.  Maybe I could aim for at least one post a month.  I could surely manage that!

In the meantime, keep writing  …..


Happy New Year for 2016

Happy New Year for 2016

Summertime begins ….

The clocks go forward tomorrow.  Daffodils, pussy-willow, forsythia and mahonia are brightening up the garden.  Pansies are budding and the magnolia buds are about to burst.  It must be spring.  Plenty of frogspawn this year too.

We have had bright days but cold east winds, not uncommon for this time of year.  I only have two  more assignments to complete before the big EMA and another year’s study will be complete.

My February assignment was fascinating – the Benin Bronzes.

A completely new subject for me but so worthwhile being able to go and see the bronzes in the British Museum.

The next assignment is due at the beginning of April.  I have a choice, Cultural Exemptions or the Short Story.   I had intended to select the short story option but a sudden change of mind and I am going for the philosophy one which will be a challenge but isn’t that what study should be – challenging!

Then only one more assignment – a reflective essay – before the big EMA.  There are three options but I’m still undecided which one to choose.  Will it be sacred places, the seaside resort or rational recreation?