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March 2017

So I was going to try for at least one post a month …….

A windy day today, 14th March, but mild and bright.  Frogs are very busy in the ponds today so I thought I’d post a little poem, one of the very first I attempted (I’m a late starter where poetry’s concerned).  It had been a very hard winter and the pond had been frozen for many days.  We counted over 20 dead frogs – but some survived and lived to breed again.


The dormant pond lies white and thick with frost
so frogs below must dwell in mud and wait.
The ice-trapped air has spread its poison breath
and ghostly glass-blurred corpses float beneath

I place the bodies in their earthy grave.
The pond, as black as mountain lochans, lies
unchanged until the robin builds his nest
when jewelled spawn and hope returns once more.


Frozen pond 6 January 2011




The National Glass Centre, Sunderland

Last month we visited the National Glass Centre in Sunderland.  I had never heard of it before but it is certainly well worth visiting.   Apart from all its other activities (check out their website):

there is a fascinating section on the history of glass and glass-making in the area with interesting examples which will take you back to your childhood or even your mother’s and your grandmother’s childhood.
There was a beautiful display of glass art by a local artist and an exhibition of stunning glass pieces on loan from USA.
A display of glass blowing showing all the skill and patience required to produce even the simplest piece of glass, let alone one with different colours, swirls and shapes, completed our visit.  Well, perhaps not quite, there were also the very tempting wares on display in the shop and an exploration of the glass roof, scary for me, but not for everyone.

100 Things to do with a selfie stick

Now that my last essay has been submitted for ‘Myth in the Greek and Roman Worlds’, all I need to do is wait for the results.

In the meantime, am trying to get back into some creative writing and attend my writing group a little more regularly.  The prompt for the next meeting is as noted in the title above. Neither owning a selfie stick nor ever having used one it’s all supposition:


You can angle it, bend it, clink it

You can dip it, elevate and fling it

You can grip it, hit it, install it

You can jump it, kick and lift it

You can make it, name it, obliterate it

You can paint it, quiz and reactivate it

You can stain it, train it, utilise it

You can veer it, wiggle and x-ray it

You can yield it and zap it




It can aid you, baffle you, chill you

It can drain you, eviscerate and frighten you

It can gouge you, harden you, invigorate you

It can jade you, kill you and lance you

It can master you, numb you, obscure you

It can protect you, quarantine and rattle you

It can sabotage you, taint you, undo you

It can validate, wallop and exonerate you

It can yank you and zoom you


You can anchor it, battle it, clatter it

They can destroy you, emasculate and flatten you

You can grapple it, heave it, invalidate it

They can jag you, kibble* you and lame you

You can mount it, nab it, offer it

They can pan you, quiver and rattle you

You can stick it, tackle it, untie it

They can victimize you, wack and excise you

You can yether* it and zip it


You can ad lib with it, bunny-hop and conga with it

You can dance with it, exercise and fandango with it

You can glide with it, hula hula and instagram with it

You can jive with it, kickass and lapdance with it

You can mambo with it, nickietam and oompah with it

You can polka with it, quickstep and rumba with it

You can samba with it, tango and unwind with it

Finally, you can wave it and vanish.


*beat or lash severely